Tools & Equiptment

One thing about this type of shop is that you can never have enough tools & equipment! I have been collecting tools since my dad presented me with my first wrench set when I was about 13, and have never quit. When he passed, I acquired his tools that he used in his body shop which was of course was a thrill for me not only to have, but to be able to use them in my business as well.

Besides the usual mountain of hand tools, we have a great collection of specialty tools & equipment.

Metal working:

  • Special body hammers, dollies, and pullers
  • files
  • porto-power
  • dent pullers, shrinker/stretcher
  • 16 gauge box & pan brake
  • planishing hammer
  • oxy/acetylene torch and plasma cutter
  • mig welders, * tig welder, * stick welder

Machining & fabrication

  • Drill press, lathe, 30 ton press, and arbor press
  • bench grinders, belt & disc sanders, band saw,
  • heavy duty steel chassis table and 4’ x 10’ steel work table.


  • AC Delco engine analyzer
  • Bear charging/starting/battery system tester
  • Matco starting/charging/battery system tester
  • brake pressure tester
  • power steering pump pressure tester
  • instrument gauge tester
  • Snap-On volt/ohm testers
  • compression tester
  • engine leak down tester
  • digital temperature gauge
  • combustion leak detector


  • Hunter front end alignment rack
  • coil spring compressor,
  • ball joint press
  • leaf spring spreaders
  • coil-over spanner wrenches

Air conditioning:

  • Viper GT R-12 & 134A recovery/recycle/recharge machine
  • Sercon 5000 R-12 refrigerant recovery machine
  • Atco a/c flush equipment
  • Atco a/c hose crimper
  • Matco refrigerant leak detector.


  • Engine hoist and stands
  • portable carts
  • floor jacks and bottle jacks
  • jack stands
  • body & frame rotisserie
  • 7000lb. 4 post lifts
  • parts washers
  • 6 & 12 volt battery charger.

We also have a large library of parts & reference books, vintage manuals & wiring diagrams dating back to the thirties.

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