David Ewert

I recently bought a 1956 Nomad. I am not a mechanic so I needed a reliable company to work on my car. I was referred to Terry McGavern at Vintage Auto Repair. Terry and the team have done marvelous work and have made my Nomad a mechanically sound car. Terry took me step by step through the process and what needed to be done to the car. I was worried I would not find someone I could trust to work on a classic car. I am so glad I found Vintage Auto Repair. Terry and the team are fair, honest and qualified with a proven track record. I highly recommend them to anyone with a classic car. You will not be disappointed.

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George Lyons (Erie, PA)

Having known Terry for many years from where he began, back here in Erie, PA, I am very familiar with his design and fabrication skills. His cars are functional and reliable to be enjoyed from behind the wheel, not just a static display in your garage. I recently chose to send a car from Pennsylvania to Terry in Arizona for the extensive chassis and driveline work I was looking to accomplish. I have no doubt he will exceed my expectations with the finished product.

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Greg Bowles

I have a 1956 Chevy pick-up that I bought from a friend as a project. The drive-train is from a 1978 Camaro, which was all new to me because the extent of my previous restorations are from the ’40s and ’50s. I met Terry at the “2nd Saturday Swap Meet” at SoCal. I had been looking for someone to do the front-end work because the pitman arm assembly wasn’t right. Terry knew exactly what I had, said there was no problem, checked his schedule and we set up an appointment. When I took the truck in and they checked it out, they were totally up-front about what they found and checked first with me before moving on to with other repairs that needed to be handled. Terry checks everything against his own standards of quality. He has great people working for him, they do excellent work, are very knowledgeable, and I am extremely pleased with Vintage Auto. I recommend them and will use them for any future restoration service and repairs.

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Barry L. Flemming

Dear Terry & Anna,

I wanted to take a minute out of my otherwise busy day to express how satisfied I am with the service I got from your firm. I have my own service company in the Valley and am very sensitive to “Client Services”. After 25 years in business I’ve become very aware how good client service can carry a company through the “hard times” and how this type of service can be very hard to find.

After doing most of the wiring on my ’35 Chevy over the years, I had come to an impasse with a “short” in the system and the cruise control. Wiring (I’ve found) to be the most frustrating part of building a street rod. When I expressed this frustration to Frank at SO-CAL, AZ. he suggested I get hold of you folks. Being a skeptic (after 62 years of life) I checked with several of my “car buddies” and found that most of them were aware of Terry and how highly qualified he is.

The “team” at Vintage Auto Repair took on the repairs and completed the work in a timely and extremely “professional” manner. I couldn’t be happier; any further work I (or any of my friends) have done on our cars will be done by Vintage and their team.

Again, thank you for your Professionalism.

Barry L. Flemming, A VERY Satisfied Customer

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Scott McDonald

I always have my 50’s Chevy and my 60’s musclecars serviced at Vintage Auto Repair. Not only is all work swiftly and competently done, they are looking out for me and sometimes spot potential issues before they develop into expensive repairs or safety hazards. If I ever have a street rod built, it will be at this shop.

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Jeff in Phoenix

My Dodge Dart had been sitting for years; I hadn’t driven it 500 miles in the five and a half years I’d owned it. On the advice of a friend, I contacted Terry at Vintage Auto Repair. Within a week, the Vintage Auto crew not only fixed the myriad issues and mystery ailments that crippled my long-suffering ride, but they found a couple of others and proactively dealt with them as well–all in a matter of days, and all at a price that never got my wife yelling at me for spending too !@#$% much on that !@#$% car. Everything that went wrong, and everything they did to fix it, was clearly explained to me. I’ve driven my car more in the last six months than I have in the last five years, and I love it. And I have Vintage Auto to thank for it.

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Kyle Burnett

Terry and his guys are amazing. I almost feel badly for taking up so much of their time just talking about old cars every time I stop by. But then that’s part of why I trust them with my ’55 Chevy sedan and ’52 Chevy truck – they know and love these cars and it shows in their work.

Example: I took my ’55 frame to the shop to have an engine dropped on. Instead of just dropping it on and sending me the bill, they inspected everything, made suggestions, sourced parts, and handed back to me a set up that was so far beyond my expectations that I literally could not stop smiling. I would have spent the night in a sleeping bag in the middle of that frame if my Better Half would have let me.

Bottom line: Terry, Anna and the whole crew are organized, detail-oriented, thorough and responsible. They genuinely care about me and my cars. I wouldn’t take my projects to anyone else.

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