Terry B.

I was born and raised in the L.A. area of California. My first job was delivering newspapers – back when such a thing was delivered – at 8 years old. Newspaper delivery was work on a bike, and a little easier by car – so an appreciation of them came early. At age 15 I got a job parking cars, so I found myself in and around so many that my appreciation grew.

Like most boys, my appreciation of cars led me to want to build one. At 19 I built my first street and strip car – a 1965 Mustang. I drag raced for 4 years and raced street stock for 4 years. My highlight: 42 event wins in my 3rd year of racing!

I moved to Arizona in 1978 and started building 4x4s – a bigger beast than a drag car, but lots of horsepower all the same. Shortly after moving to AZ I met my wife, marrying her a few years later. 26 years and counting!

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